The job of an impact producer is one part sociologist, one part behavioral psychologist, one part historian, one part activist, one part publicist, one part fundraiser, one part program evaluator, etc. Clearly, no one person can encompass all these skills, but a great impact producer knows how to put together and lead a team that does.
— Jennifer MacArthur, Impact Producer (from 'Impact Producer: What's in A Name')


  • Strategic planning - objectives and activities;

  • Resource wrangling - writing grants and developing donors;

  • Budgeting;

  • Identify, secure, and manage key partners;

  • Execute or oversee the execution of the campaign,

  • Distribution planning; and

  • Evaluate the change campaign top to bottom.


In addition to the films that I am producing and directing or co-directing, I am working on the following films - providing story consultation, grant writing, fund development, producing services, impact producing, and other resources:

  • America In Transition (2018)- Andre Perez, Director

  • Solstice (narrative fiction) (2018) - Florencia Manovil, Director

  • Manzanar, Diverted (2018) - Ann Kaneko, Director

  • Licensed to Pimp (2020) - Hima B., Director